2016 Assisted Field Staff Safety Test

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2016 Assisted Field Staff Safety Test

September 18, 2021

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You have just finished a patient visit and are packing up your equipment when you realize you failed to clean it. You should:
You are providing care in a small apartment. It is difficult to find working space. Where may you correctly place your Care Bag?
The patient has gross edema in both legs. You must wrap his legs before getting him up. Which of the following questions should be considered before you safely performing this task?
You are told your patient has MRSA in her urine. You are assisting the patient to the bathroom. Which of the following is the most appropriate Standard Precaution to implement?
In the event of a serious disaster (earthquake), all of the following are part of the Agency Disaster Plan EXCEPT:
You are short of time, having two admissions and several visits today. You are feeling the pressure. Your first admission has a medication list as long as your arm and is slow to answer questions and demonstrate abilities. You are thinking of ways to speed up the admission. Which of the following would be an acceptable strategy?
When caring for a patient who owns a dog, your safest approach should include:
A confused patient you are caring for loses his temper and pushes you. Your appropriate response should be:
The CDC recommends all persons 6 months and older receive annual influenza vaccination with few exceptions.
Mobile devices used in patient & personal settings can serve as a fomite for transfer of pathogenic microorganisms.
The use of a hands-free device while driving guarantees YOU will have full attention on driving, not talking.
Hands must be washed using antibacterial soap and water if there is a risk of exposure to Norovirus.

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