2016 Assisted Admin Safety Test

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2016 Assisted Admin Safety Test

September 18, 2021

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Which of the following is an INCORRECT statement regarding spread of the flu virus?
Your responsibility with Protected Health Information (PHI) includes all EXCEPT:
Your co-worker seems uncharacteristically agitated today. He is red-faced, cursing, and pacing. What is the best action to take?
Office fire safety includes:
Use of sound Body Mechanics helps to prevent musculoskeletal injury. Which of the following best demonstrates the use of sound Body Mechanics?
Infection control in the office setting includes:
You and your co-worker are preparing a salad in the kitchen and she cuts herself with a knife. You grab a paper towel and hold it tightly to her bleeding hand, getting blood on your own hand. All of the following are in our Exposure Control Plan EXCEPT:
Only agency field clinicians are responsible for honoring Patient Rights.
As an Agency employee you are a mandated to report any real or suspected patient abuse or neglect.
Mobile devices used in work & personal settings can serve as a fomite for transfer of pathogenic microorganisms.
The use of a hands-free device while driving guarantees YOU will have full attention on driving, not talking.
If using an alcohol-based hand rub, you must rub hands until your hands are dry and all of the alcohol has evaporated.

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