2018 Assisted Admin LA Staff Safety Test

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2018 Assisted Admin LA Staff Safety Test

September 23, 2020

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When would you be expected to perform hand hygiene?
Recommended general environment cleaning in the office includes:
Best practice for keeping equipment used by all in the office is to practice consistent hand hygiene and regular disinfection.
Mobile phones used in work & personal settings can serve as a fomite for transfer of pathogenic microorganisms.
Which of the following is an INCORRECT statement regarding spread of the flu virus?
Infection control in the office setting includes:
Both Active TB Disease and Latent TB Infection are contagious meaning the bacteria can be spread to others.
You and your co-worker are preparing a salad in the kitchen and she cuts herself with a knife. You grab a paper towel and hold it tightly to her bleeding hand, getting blood on your own hand. All of the following are in our Exposure Control Plan EXCEPT:
Use of sound Body Mechanics helps to prevent musculoskeletal injury. Which of the following best demonstrates the use of sound Body Mechanics?
Body mechanics / back safety for those who work at a desk includes: avoid sitting in one position for more than an hour at a time. Make it a priority to get up or change positions often.
Many workplace injuries occur from people simply not paying attention to what they are doing.
Under California driving laws, you may do the following legally and safely EXCEPT:
Safety in the community includes staying alert to your surroundings. This includes people and their behavior in the office, hospital or home.
Your co-worker seems uncharacteristically agitated today. He is red-faced, cursing, and pacing. What is the best action to take?
Office fire safety includes:
In the event of a serious disaster (earthquake), all of the following are part of the Agency Disaster Plan EXCEPT:
Patient Rights include all of the following EXCEPT:
Submitting visit notes for visits not performed is an example of Medicare Fraud.
Your responsibility with Protected Health Information (PHI) includes all EXCEPT:
Patients whom are satisfied and happy with their nurses, therapists and office support are unlikely to place complaints.

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