2018 Assisted Field Staff WC Safety Test

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2018 Assisted Field Staff WC Safety Test

October 22, 2021

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When would you be required to perform hand hygiene?
The patient has a large wound on his lower leg. You cut the soiled dressing off the wound using bandage scissors and place them on the barrier with the dressing supplies. You discard the soiled dressing in the trash can nearby. You then remove your gloves and put on new ones before you apply the clean dressing. The cover dressing is too large, so you cut it down in size. After securing the dressing, you remove your gloves and perform hand hygiene. Which of the following from the scenario demonstrates the correct application of infection control?
All of the following elements are important in cleaning patient care equipment such as thermometers, stethoscopes, PT/INR machines EXCEPT :
Mobile devices (computer and cell phone) used in patient & personal settings can serve as a fomite for transfer of pathogenic microorganisms.
You are providing care in a very small apartment. It is difficult to find working space. Where may you correctly and safely place your Care Bag?
You are caring for a patient who resides in a small residential care facility. You are told that your patient has Norovirus.   You are concerned for your patient as well as the others. Which of the following instructions should you give the caregivers related to Norovirus transmission?
The patient you have been asked to see reports night sweats, weight loss, fatigue and having a bad cough for “at least” a month. You observe some disposable on the bedside table and in the trash with blood on them. When questioned, the patient admits his sputum has had blood in it for a few weeks. You recognize these symptoms as possible:
Both Active TB Disease and Latent TB Infection are contagious meaning the bacteria can be spread to others.
The patient you are visiting spends her days and nights in a recliner. She asks you to help her put on her socks and shoes. Utilizing sound body mechanics, how might you help her perform this task?
Which of the following activities demonstrates safe moving strategies and appropriate use of body mechanics?
You arrive at the home to find the patient has fallen and is lying on the floor. You confirm he did not hit his head and there are no obvious injuries. He is embarrassed and insists he can get up with only a little assistance from you. How can you safely get him up off of the floor?
Under California driving laws, you may do the following legally and safely EXCEPT:
A confused patient you are caring for loses his temper and pushes you. Your appropriate response should be:
14. Making visits safely in the community includes staying alert to your surroundings. This includes people and their behavior in the home.
In the event of a serious disaster (earthquake), all of the following are part of the Agency Disaster Plan EXCEPT:
If a chemical in the home is splashed, spilled or ingested, you can obtain product and management information by calling Poison Control or locating the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) in the agency office.
You are short of time with several visits and two admissions to complete today. You are feeling the pressure. Your first admission has a medication list as long as your arm and the patient is slow to answer questions and demonstrate abilities. You are thinking of ways to speed up the admission. Which of the following would be an acceptable strategy?
Patient Rights include all of the following EXCEPT:
Submitting visit notes for visits not performed is an example of Medicare Fraud.
Transferring patient face sheets and History & Physicals onto Google Docs on your cellphone is efficient and a safe practice for storing medical records.
A patient’s service/priority [Emergency Evacuation] level is determines:
Assisted clinicians need to determine if they are available to take on additional patients in a community disaster because the Agency may experience a surge in new patients because hospitals may release less acute patients to accept more critical patients
If your Agency location is unable to function due to loss of power, phones, or the physical structure you should
do all of the following EXCEPT:
The patient’s environment is not safe for them to stay but they are stable, you could reasonable do all EXCEPT:

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