2018 Private Duty RN LVN Safety Test

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2018 Private Duty RN LVN Safety Test

September 25, 2020

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When re-positioning someone in a wheelchair by yourself, it is best to:
The best way to prevent spread of infection is to wash your hands. All of the following are times when you must wash your hands EXCEPT:
To prevent sharp injuries to healthcare providers in the home you should:
All of the following elements are important in cleaning patient care equipment such as thermometers, stethoscopes, pulse ox meters EXCEPT :
You are told your patient has MRSA in her urine. You must assist the patient to the bathroom, undress her, perform hygiene after she urinates, and re-dress her. Which of the following is the most important, immediate Standard Precaution to take?
Your patient has become increasingly difficult to manage. Today he is refusing to let you dress him and he is pushing you away. You should:
You receive a text message while driving to the patient’s home. Your safe and lawful action would be to:
Which of the following activities demonstrates safe moving strategies and appropriate use of body mechanics?
Texting patient Protected Health Information is acceptable practice.
Your patient falls during a transfer. You should guide him/her to the floor carefully and get assistance.
Patient Rights include being treated with respect and full recognition of their dignity.
Submitting clinical notes to payroll for shifts not performed is an example of Fraud.
Active TB Disease AND Latent TB Infection are contagious meaning the bacteria can be spread to others.
If a chemical is splashed, spilled or ingested in the home ,you can obtain information about what to do by calling Poison Control or locating the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) at the agency.
Mobile devices used in patient & personal settings can serve as a fomite for transfer of pathogens.

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