2019 Private Duty RN LVN VE Safety Test

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2019 Private Duty RN LVN VE Safety Test

October 22, 2021

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When re-positioning someone in a wheelchair by yourself, it is best to:

The best way to prevent spread of infection is to perform hand hygiene. Which of the following is a correct procedure for hand hygiene?
To prevent sharp injuries to healthcare providers in the home you should:
All of the following elements are important in cleaning patient care equipment such as thermometers, stethoscopes, pulse ox meters EXCEPT :
Best Practices for influenza prevention includes all EXCEPT:
A confused patient frequently pinches and tries to scratch you during cares. You are very frustrated by his actions as none of the “therapeutic” responses have worked. You should:
You receive a text message while driving to the patient’s home. You may do the following legally and safely EXCEPT:
You are accompanying the patient to walk from the living room back to her bed. She is very fatigued and you are concerned she will be too weak; however, she insists she is fine to walk with you and doesn’t require the wheelchair. As the two of you negotiate the corner to the bedroom entrance her knees buckle. You should:
You knock on the door to the patient’s home. Immediately you hear a dog barking loudly. It seems the dog is just on the other side of the door! Your appropriate response should be:
Texting patient Protected Health Information is acceptable practice
Assisted Emergency Plan includes guidance for many types of emergencies.
Patient Rights include being treated with respect, dignity and to not be discriminated against in any way.
Submitting clinical notes to payroll for shifts not performed is an example of Fraud.
Active TB Disease AND Latent TB Infection are contagious meaning the bacteria can be spread to others.
Mobile devices used in patient & personal settings can serve as a carrier for transfer of pathogens.

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