Annual Hospice Competency

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Increasing Service Intensity Add-On (SIA) Visits at End-of-Life (EOL)

1. A common sign and symptom seen days prior death is all of the following EXCEPT:
2.The following actions for the Imminent Death Protocol for ALL disciplines should be performed in the following correct sequence:

A. Send an imminent death e-mail to the hospice team
B. Contact the office with a change in condition
C. Contact the RN Case Manager or call the on-call RN/LVN with an imminent death report
D. Contact the answering service with an imminent death report.
3. SIA allows for an increase in visits by what disciplines at end-of-life?
4. Communication is the key for improving SIA visits and helping to ensure a “Good End”.

Levels of Care: Continuous Care & GIP

5. Which of the following, with clear documentation, is an appropriate reason for initiating Continuous Care or  GIP Care?

6. Which of the following is a true statement about Continuous Care or GIP?

7. While on Continuous Care or GIP care, the hospice RN Case Manager must visit the patient at least three times a week for re-evaluation and to determine if the level of care is still needed.

8. Which of the following statements would notbe adequate to document in the medical record for the patient  
on Continuous or GIP Care?

A. The patient’s pain is being palliatively managed.
B. The patient reports their pain is a 3 out of 10 and within their acceptable level. Pain is being controlled on MS Contin 60 mg every 12 hours and MSIR 5 mg PO/SL every 1 – 4 hours PRN breakthrough pain.
C. The patient has been sleeping quietly for the past two hours.
D. The patient seems agitated at times.
E. The patient is SOB as evidenced by respiratory rate increased to 30 and patient demonstrating use of accessory abdominal and neck muscles. Lungs with crackles 1/3 up bilaterally that does not clear with coughing.

Mobility & Safety - Preventing Workplace Injuries

9. Which of the following is an example of a strategy to prevent slips, trips, and falls?

10. You are visiting a patient who is chair bound and positioned in a recliner.  You are about to perform wound care to the foot.  Which of the following activities demonstrates safe body mechanics?

11. You are running behind in your schedule and are rushing to finish your patient visits for the day.  You have gathered supplies and your nursing bag and are headed towards the front door when you hear your cell phone ring.  What is the safest response to avoid possible injury in this situation?

Waived Tests: CoaguChek PT/INR & Glucometer

12. When using the CoaguChek XS meter, you must use the code chip with the same number as that printed on the label of the test strip vial you are using.
13. The meter housing and test strip guide must be disinfected after each patient use.

14. If the built-in quality control test fails, the meter will still give a test result.

15. You receive an error code 06 when testing. You should:
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