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1. Which of the following is a required precaution when caring for patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19?
2. Infection control strategies to minimize exposure or spread of COVID-19 include:
3. Ideally, when removing PPE after a patient visit in the home, it should be removed:
4. All of the following strategies must be implemented by clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic EXCEPT:
5. Aerosol-generating procedures when performed on a COVID-19 positive patient require meticulous precautions.
6. Following Universal Pandemic Precautions all clinicians are required to wear the following PPE for every patient:
7. When you call to confirm your visit time with the patient, you ask the required screening questions. She reports that her son came to visit her yesterday and that he had called this morning to say he tested positive for COVID. She is disappointed because she had a wonderful day huddled close with him reminiscing over old photos. You should:
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