Picture of Charity Karaoke contestants for Assisted with musical graphics around them

Charity Karaoke

Assisted Home Health & Hospice Foundation is excited to participate in the Charity Karaoke fundraiser, put on by Conejo Senior Volunteer Program.

About our Program:

Health-related issues are a leading cause for individuals becoming unable to care for their pets. Hands To Cuddle, Paws To Love partners with local community resources to keep pets and loved ones together until the end. To help change the life of someone big and small support our team by donating below.

About The Event:

Charity Karaoke, Sing for a Cause is Conejo Valley’s musical fundraiser, benefiting 20 local nonprofits in one fundraising event.

The Karaoke Singers and Nonprofits race to find donors to sponsor their song/performers before the deadline, each hoping to win the “Most Money Raised” competition and the $1,000 prize for their charity.

On August 11th, the karaoke singers will perform on stage with a live band and compete for the title “Best Performance” based on audience voting. A $1,000 prize will be awarded and go directly to the winning singer’s Nonprofit.

Our Performers:

Ashley Brown:

Ashley is Assisted Home Health & Hospice Foundation’s Project Coordinator. Our tenacious diva channels her inner Mariah daily, but it will be no small stretch for their exquisite rendition of “Love Shack”.

Oscar Trujillo:

Oscar is Assisted Home Health & Hospice Foundation’s Volunteer Coordinator. Oscar is an enthusiastic Zumba instructor, so watch out for his fancy footwork.

How to Support:

Assisted Home Health & Hospice Foundation is striving to win the $1,000 for most fundraising to help pets and patients stay together. Show your support by donating to our team below, you can make a big difference in the life of a fury friend and their owner.

To donate and support our Assisted Team click the Donate Today button below:

To get tickets to the event click the link below:

Click Here for Tickets

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