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Hiring Someone to Help With Home Care

(Original posting:www.aarp.org/home-family/caregiving/info-08-2012/hiring-at-home-caregiver.html by: Carol Levine, from: AARP, August 20, 2012 Most questions about family caregiving can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. But the question of whether home care agencies are all alike is one of the few that can. And the answer is a definite no. Here’s some information you’ll need if…

My Parents Need a Caregiver – 4 Helpful Tips for Finding a Solution

One of the most common plea adult children hear from their parents is, “Please don’t put me in a home.”  To remain at home and “age in place” is a primary goal for most older adults. Unfortunately, many families don’t plan for the day that Mom or Dad can no longer safely care for themselves independently.  They…

Caregiving The Assisted Difference

Hiring Your Own Caregiver Is Not Always Cheaper Hiring Assisted to Meet Your Caregiver Needs Caregivers are employees of Assisted.  Assisted takes responsibility for the employer/employee relationship. This includes: Ensuring that an appropriate caregiver from our team is selected to meet your needs. Handling all aspects of applicant screening and employment records. Contacting all references….

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