2017 Flu Prevention Tips for Homecare Patients

Flu Season
The influenza virus is a concern every year and 2017 is no exception. Millions of Americans will get the flu, but not everyone is at high risk for flu-related complications. Those most at risk from the flu are individuals with pre-existing conditions or those in specific age groups. Statistics from the CDC state that adults 65 years and older make up around 54-70% of those hospitalized from the flu. For many Home Care patients, the ability to prevent catching the flu can be difficult. However, there are many services available to help Home Care patients during the flu season. Here are some examples of how to expel the flu this holiday season:

Who is at risk for the flu?

Individuals 65 and older run a higher risk of suffering complications from the flu. However, age is not the only thing that can make the flu dangerous. Patients who suffer from heart failure, diabetes, and cancer also run a high risk of having complications with the flu. It is important for patients with these conditions or who are 65 and older to get vaccinated early on. Home Care patients can benefit from having Nursing Services to make sure flu vaccines are done in a timely manner.

Flu Prevention Tip

Flu vaccines help your body create antibodies to help fight the flu. Studies from the CDC estimate that the flu vaccine reduces the risk of flu illness by 40-60%.

How does the Flu spread?

The flu usually spreads from person to person via coughs and sneezes, but the flu can also survive on surfaces for a brief time. This is why having healthy hygiene habits and a clean living environment is important. Proper hand washing techniques and covering one’s nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing are some of the best ways to help reduce the spread of influenza. Home Care patients can benefit greatly from an Assisted Home Health Aide, who can assist in cleaning and meal preparations.

Flu Prevention Tip

To use the word “sanitize” a product must kill more than 99 percent of specified bacteria within 30 seconds. The word “disinfect” means a product must kill all specified germs within 10 minutes.

The life of the flu

Different strains of the flu come up every year. Individuals infected with the flu can continue to be contagious before symptoms reveal themselves as well as up to a week after becoming sick.
The different forms of the flu… The flu itself is constantly mutating. Each year, three or four strains are identified before vaccine development begins.
Flu symptoms (Image of Frankenstein’s Monster) There are several different types of flu symptoms, which makes it sometimes difficult to know if you have the flu or a cold. However, some of the common symptoms include fever, muscle aches and pains, and coughing. Home Care patients with respiratory and heart conditions run a higher risk of flu-related complications such as pneumonia. Patients with such conditions benefit greatly from Nursing Services as they can be monitored and identify signs and symptoms to help avoid hospital visits and permanent damage.
The different forms of the flu… The “stomach flu” is different from the Influenza virus. Though the flu can cause stomach-related symptoms, influenza is a respiratory disease.

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