5 Ways To Make Home Health Cool

5 Ways To Make Home Cool

The summer is upon us and the temperatures are on the rise. Many flock outdoors to enjoy the warm weather, but for those home health patient who are at risk of heat related illnesses, heat can be a potentially deadly problem. Older people such as Home Health patients, young children and those with chronic medical conditions who have increased difficulty regulating their body temperatures are more vulnerable to Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. Read below for 5 Ways to Make Home Health Cool and our tips for preventing Heat Related Illnesses.

Home Health Patients Dress for Success

Seniors sometimes have a tendency to dress warmer than needed even in hot weather. Patients should dress to successfully withstand hot weather by choosing lightweight, non-formfitting light-colored clothes. Patients should stay indoors during the hottest part of the day; however, if it’s necessary to venture out, a loosely woven or ventilated large brimmed hat should be worn to keep the sun off of the entire face.
TIP: If you’re feeling warm, get to an air-conditioned location and wrap a damp cloth around your neck, wrists and armpits to jump start your body’s cooling.

Sleep with a Cool Sheet

Getting a good night’s sleep in a hot room is hard to do, especially for older people with poor circulation which can interfere with their body’s ability to cool off. Since most people still feel the need to pull up the covers at night, instead of a regular blanket, try using a cotton sheet which is lighter and more breathable.

Eat without the Heat

Turning on the oven or stove is probably the last thing most people want to do when fighting the heat of the summer. However, there ways to eat well without adding heat to the home. A patient or caregiver can easily add delicious proteins like pre-cooked shrimp or Tuna to a fresh salad for a cool, crunchy lunch. For dinner, let your supermarket’s deli do the cooking and pick up a rotisserie chicken and a cool pasta salad. Use the left over chicken to make delicious chicken salad sandwiches for a quick easy lunch.
TIP: Cook once and eat 2 or 3 times. Try cooking up some pasta in advance (preferably before the heat of the day) and store it in the fridge. It will last several days and can be easily tossed with a no cook sauce for an easy meal.

Trap the Cool Air

Take advantage of the night’s lower temps and crack your windows before going to bed. In the morning close the windows and pull the shades to darken your rooms as much as possible. Drawing the shades will block up to 25% of the heat coming in and will keep your home cooler longer.
TIP: If you don’t have drapes or blinds or if there is still too much heat coming through the windows, a great way to reflect heat is the good ol’ tin foil method! Or for a more discreet option, pick up some foam board from your local dollar store and cut it to fit your window openings.

Take Advantage of Cooling Locations

If it’s just too hot to stay home, the home health patient’s caregiver should facilitate a trip to a local cooling location. Spending time in an air conditioned location like a mall, Movie Theater or library will not only give seniors an escape from the heat but can also be a break from their standard daily routine.
TIP: For help finding a local cooling location, call your local City Hall or non-emergency Police line.

By following the above tips Home Health patients can stay cool during the hot summer months and prevent a potential heat-related emergency.

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