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Artificial Hydration and the End of Life

There are many agonizing decisions that need to be made regarding the end of life treatments for a loved one. Whether or not to administer forced artificial hydration and nutrition is often one of those hard decisions. While it may sound like an obvious choice to provide sustenance to your loved one, many medical professionals…

End-of-Life Care and the Advance Directive

While thinking about death is not something most people like to do, it is an inevitable part of life. Planning for end-of-life care choices today by preparing an advance directive will reduce the burden put on loved ones in the future and will ensure your end of life wishes are honored in the event you…

Hospice Care Celebrates Volunteer Week

Volunteerism takes a special kind of person, someone who is selfless and caring. These extraordinary individuals can hold a special place in the hearts of those they help. Within the group of volunteers is a segment that is unique to the Home Healthcare field who help patients on Hospice Care. The volunteers who have ventured…

Gaining Comfort and Clarity with Hospice Care

The difficult times in our lives often come when faced with problems we have no idea how to handle. An example might be riding a bike with no training wheels for the first time. You jump on the bike guided by the secure hand of a parent or friend. Regardless of the surrounding support, once…

Assisted Healthcare Honors Veterans

Assisted Hospice Care is proud to announce our new partnership with the We Honor Veterans Program. As a We Honor Veterans partner, Assisted Hospice Care will implement Veteran- centered education to staff and volunteers, to enhance the care provided to our Veterans. Over 25 % of those who die every year in the United States…

Hospice Care and The 5 Wishes

Unfortunately falling terminally ill is a possibility for anyone. It is important for all of us to plan ahead to ensure our wishes for the end of our life are attended to. These wishes can be very difficult questions to answer, such as who will make medical decisions for me? What treatments do and don’t…

The Value of Hospice Care in a Nursing Home.

By: Tracey Mayleben-Shoop, Transitional Care Program Director for Assisted Home Care and Hospice Hospice is comprehensive care for patients with terminal illnesses. The focus of Hospice is to provide compassionate end of life care through a team of hospice professionals, when the patient has 6 months or less to live. Hospice Care is covered thru…

The Medicare Hospice Benefit

By: Sherry Netherland, Director of Special Projects for Assisted Healthcare Services Hospice care is more than the care of the terminally ill. At Assisted, Hospice care is not about dying, but in fact, it is about helping the patient live a quality life for as long as possible. Our main focus is quality care so…

Hospice – A Service and a Philosophy

By: Sherry Netherland, Director of Special Projects for Assisted Healthcare Services Hospice is both a service and a philosophy.  Hospice embraces that quality of life is much more important than quantity and emphasizes caring rather than curing. The primary goal of hospice care is to provide comprehensive care to the terminally ill and their families,…

Advance Directives – The Time to Discuss is BEFORE You Need Them

By: Sherry Netherland, Director of Special Projects for Assisted Healthcare Services Before you prepare your advance directives: Decide what types of treatment you would want or would not want.  If you are now ill, Get information on the types of life-sustaining treatments that are available. Share your end-of-life wishes and preferences with your loved ones (See The Five…

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