Giving the Gift of Homecare

Taking care of our loved ones who are sick or elderly can be a noble act of love. There’s no question that it’s a very honorable thing to do. But at the same time, it can also be incredibly exhausting and draining. Many people take on this challenging task on their own and not mention that they need help, even though they may feel overwhelmed.

With the holidays coming up, you might be thinking about what kinds of gifts you would buy for the elderly or ill people in your life and their caregivers. You may consider common ideas like sentimental gifts or comfort items like heated blankets. But the gift of homecare services can be equally appreciated by the caregiver or the one needing care. Consider this list of reasons why offering the gift of homecare can make you the hero.

Give the Caregiver a Break

Caregivers often don’t realize how exhausted they are until they get a break. Particularly when family members are acting as caregivers for their loved ones, burnout sets in pretty early. Certain health conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be especially difficult for caregivers to manage. Even the simple duties of helping loved ones with mobility issues can be challenging and time-consuming.

Paid caregivers get regular breaks, which everyone needs. But family or unpaid caregivers rarely ask for help and rarely receive it as a result. Family caregivers bear not only the burden of doing the actual labor, but also the heavy sense of responsibility for another person’s care. They may neglect their own needs for rest, self-care, or even just spending time with friends. When you give a gift of professional to a stressed-out unpaid caregiver, they may realize just how important it is to get a little bit of help once in a while.

Overcoming Objections to Outside Help

Even though family caregivers do an amazing, heroic job, there’s no doubt that it’s difficult. After all, they usually have little to no training in how to deal with the physical and emotional needs of the sick or elderly. Hiring a paid caregiver means that you get help from someone who actually has some training in how to meet these needs and to recognize problems.

Sometimes sick or elderly people are most comfortable with family providing their care. But that’s not a good reason to avoid getting outside assistance. Consider selecting a caregiver of similar background to the patient when possible to make them more comfortable if that’s an issue. You can also present the issue of homecare as hiring a “housekeeper,” which may be less objectionable than the idea of nursing care.

The Type of Activities Homecare Providers Can Offer

Homecare providers can do a lot more than you may imagine. Depending on the type of provider you hire, it can range anywhere from home health assistance to nursing care. But even home health aides can do a lot to help, which frees up the primary caregiver. Homecare providers can help with tasks like dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring. They can even help with housework or pet care.

Giving the gift of homecare can be one of the most appreciated and thoughtful gifts for those who are taking on the responsibility of caring for sick or elderly loved ones. Everyone needs a break and unpaid caregivers so rarely get it. Your gift of homecare will ensure that your loved ones are still well cared for, and their caregivers will learn that they don’t have to do everything alone.

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