How to Reduce Falls During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a tremendous number of challenges. One of them is the need for millions of people to remain at home. Seniors, who are especially vulnerable to the virus, find themselves in a particularly tricky situation. They have to stay at home to protect their health, and yet they need to be less isolated for their health and safety. 

While spending time at home, there is always a risk of falling. Falling can lead to everything from minor to severe injury, and should always be avoided. During COVID-19, it is even more critical, as a trip to a hospital or medical facility may introduce a senior to the virus. So, what can you do to reduce falls in the home? We have several key tips:

Conduct a Home Fall Hazard Audit

If you have never gone through the entire home and looked around for any potential trip or fall hazards, now is the moment. The CDC sees this as an essential step in senior home safety that they even have a pamphlet with a checklist to help the process. Download and print it to use as a guide for the audit of your loved ones’ home. 

Remember Food and Drink

One of the most common reasons behind a senior falling in their home is lightheadedness. This can occur when they are dehydrated, have not had enough protein or carbohydrates for the day, and have not eaten properly for their medication regiment.

It’s essential that seniors choose healthy food options, including fresh fruits and vegetables, foods high in fiber and low in fats and cholesterol, and limit the number of processed foods in their diet. Assisted Caregivers can prepare meals to meet dietary requirements set by the doctor or nutritionist to keep your loved one’s health on track.

Ensure Good Sleep

Your senior loved one may be suffering from a common dilemma among the aged – insomnia. Unfortunately, this boosts their risks for falls as they may experience grogginess or dizziness due to fatigue. The goal should be at least seven hours of sleep each night for optimal health. If your loved one struggles with this, try to get them on a daily sleep and wake routine. Prevent them from napping for more than 20 minutes at any time. Encourage them to use their bedroom only for sleep – no TV or reading.

Keep Them Active

Daily exercise of even 20 minutes can help keep muscles and bones healthy. This can ensure against falls by offering stability and strength. Check out our 7 Exercises for an Aging Body to see some great ways to keep your loved one active and healthy. 

It is not always possible to eliminate fall risks entirely, but with these steps, you can keep your senior healthy and happy while at home. To learn more about Assisted how we can help keep your loved one safe at home, call us at 800-949-6555 or visit us online at www.AssistedCares.com.

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