Resolve To Be Active in 2018

As we start a New Year, many of us see it as an opportunity for change. Whether it is to eat better, exercise or spend less, resolutions are made with optimism to better ourselves. For Homecare Patients, a resolution to become more active is one that would be beneficial this year and for years to come.
As baby boomers age, the elderly population is exploding. By 2030, there will be an estimated 72 million people over the age of 65; a whopping 20% of the US population! This is a huge increase from the mere 3 million just a century ago. And studies show that only about 22% of seniors in this age group exercise regularly, with the average senior only spending 17 minutes a day engaged in physical activities. Here are four areas homecare patients can improve their physical fitness to kick off a healthy 2018.



Strength Training helps strengthen muscles, maintain healthy bone mass and help prevent age-related muscle loss. Using light weights and resistance bands are a perfect to begin building strength. And the benefits of strength training are not only physical, it is also known to combat depression and cognitive decline.
Reasons to Improve Strength
Increasing muscle mass will help with things likes picking up your grandchildren or lifting grocery bags into the car.



Endurance exercises improve your breathing and heart rate which are great for lungs and the circulatory system. The American Heart Association recommends that seniors participate in at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity like walking and swimming 3 times a week to improve endurance levels.
Reasons to Improve Endurance
This added endurance will help during activities like working in the garden and picking up around the house.



Being flexible helps seniors stay limber and help improve their range of movement. Studies have shown that with age, flexibility in some joints can decrease up to 50%. By implementing static and dynamic stretches seniors can maintain elasticity in their joints which can help them remain active and feeling their best.
Reasons to Improve Flexibility
Flexibility helps make your body stronger but also helps improve posture and relieve arthritis.



Having good balance is essential for preventing falls. Studies show that exercise programs for seniors that include balance training reduced falls that lead to injury by 40%. One way to improve balance and reduce falls is to implement the practice of Tai Chi. With its gentle choreographed movements, Tai Chi is a great option for seniors to help improve strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance. Click here to learn some great low impact Tai Chi movements that can be done in your own home.
Reasons to Improve Balance
Having better balance can help improve senior’s daily lives. Better balance improves the ability to walk on an uneven sidewalk or to be able to stand and reach for something on a high shelf.

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