Agency vs. Private: The True Cost of Hiring Caregivers

It’s often a big step to decide to hire a caregiver for your loved one. Many people feel like they should have to take on the responsibility themselves or look for the cheapest solution. But the cheapest solution is rarely the best when it comes to caring for your loved ones. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is how to choose the right caregiver. Here are some reasons why it’s better to hire a caregiver from Assisted Home Health & Hospice than to hire on your own.

Trained Staff

You could find a lovely student down the street who would be willing to help out with caregiving, but they might not know what to do in an emergency. When you work with an agency like Assisted, the caregivers you hire are appropriately trained and tested for hands-on skills.

Thoroughly Vetted Employees

The average person doesn’t have the know-how to find a reliable, safe caregiver. Many people are relatively limited in terms of checking references. And unfortunately, there are individuals out there who prey upon the vulnerabilities of seniors. When you hire a caregiver through Assisted, you’re getting a thoroughly screened and vetted employee. Assisted is licensed and bonded which protects you from any risk of having individuals alone in your loved one’s home.

Agency Expertise

You want your loved one to have the best possible care. But chances are, you may not have the full picture of how that should look. Fortunately, Assisted Home Health & Hospice does. We know what kind of duties are required of a caregiver in specific situations, whether your loved one has dementia or is recovering from cancer. Having that knowledge about the skills needed means an agency like Assisted is better able to make an appropriate match.

Consistency of Care

Your loved one likely needs care 365 days a year. But everyone deserves an occasional day off or vacation, and sometimes people get sick. When you hire a caregiver on your own, that means you’re left in the lurch when the caregiver needs a day off. Hiring a caregiver from Assisted assures coverage, and you won’t have the burden of finding a replacement if the caregiver is sick. Assisted will coordinate a temporary replacement until the regular caregiver returns.

The Convenience of Managed Payroll

Hiring any household employee can be tricky, especially in terms of payroll and taxes. It’s even more challenging if you directly hire them yourself. Hiring a caregiver requires you to pay taxes on their labor and when you do so directly, you’re responsible for calculating the withholding. Few people can do this correctly, especially if you don’t have a background in accounting. When you hire a caregiver through Assisted, all of these details will be handled for you. Including all appropriate taxes and any issues related to pay with the caregiver.

Hiring a caregiver through an agency relieves so many hassles compared to doing it on your own. To learn more about Assisted Home Health & Hospice’s Caregiver Services click here or call 800-949-6555.

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