Tips on Assessing Home Care Needs

The best time to arrange for home care is before there is an emergency. In a crisis situation it can be difficult for you to gather your thoughts and communicate effectively your needs for care.

Here a few tips on how to be prepared for when need for a caregiver arises:

Have a Family Discussion About Home Care

Gather the family and have a family planning session, even if distance requires some family members to attend via telephone. The first obstacle to overcome might be convincing your loved one that they need help in the first place.

If there are many siblings in the family, one sibling should be designated “in charge.” That individual will be the chief contact with the agency and the one who will instruct the caregiver in their duties. Everyone needs to be on the same page for caregiver success.

Know Medicare/Medicaid Coverages

Medicare or Medicaid does not cover non-medical custodial care. Long term care insurance typically covers this type of care, but the amount of service reimbursed does have limitations so review your policy. Planning ahead for the out-of-pocket expenses of caregiver services will help, especially if your parent’s needs change.

Asses the Home Care Need

People who need assistance do not always have to have around-the-clock care. Maybe your Mom only needs someone for 4 hours in the morning to help her with her morning hygiene routine, assistance with a shower and someone to make breakfast. Maybe Dad only needs someone to be in the house at night to safely assist him with frequent trips to the bathroom.

Start with the areas of most need and working backwards, identify how frequently those tasks are done and see if you are able to prioritize the most immediate needs that would require outside help.

Assisted Home Health & Hospice offers medical and non-medical caregivers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about Assisted Caregivers or the other services we offer, call 800-949-6555 or visit us at www.AssistedCares.com.

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