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Home Care 5 Ways It Makes Thanksgiving Thankful

In-home health care is a great choice for people battling a chronic disease. The flexibility of in-home visits and the simple sense of control and comfort during treatment are foremost among many reasons patients and their families choose to receive care and treatment at home. During the holidays, the desire to spend time at home…

6 Ways to Help Seniors Keep Cool in the Sizzling Summertime Heat

Staying cool in the hot summer months can be a challenge for people of all ages; but it is especially important for seniors. As we age, our bodies lose the ability to perspire and to properly regulate body temperature. Through this process the skin begins to thin and offers less protection from heat. The sun’s…

7 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts and Activities for an Aging Father

There’s a good chance your father is of baby boomer age or older. With baby boomers beginning to reach the age of elevated risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s, this Father’s Day opt for a thoughtful gift or activity that will spark memories of life and love rather than just another striped neck-tie or a…

3 Fun Easter Projects for an Elderly Parent

Crafts aren’t just for kids! Engaging in crafts and and activities with seniors can help keep their minds sharp, bodies young and and spirits high. Here are 3 quick and fun crafts to get you started celebrating the holiday with your loved one. Happy Easter from Assisted!   Blossom Painting With Recycled Bottles What you’ll…

Senior Care: 3 Elderly Winter Weather Tips

The winter months can prove to be a bit challenging. With an abundance of winter holidays, kids out of school, and the flu season the logistics can be a bit nightmarish. So it is easy to see how the seniors in our lives may not be on the top of our mind. Although, our parents…

Elderly Exercise: 7 Exercises for an Aging Body

Exercise is not a four letter word… its eight and no that does not mean it’s twice as bad. Exercise is good for you, but that is not really a mystery. What may be a bit of mystery is how essential it is for the elderly to exercise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

Put a Spring In Your Step

By: Sherry Netherland, Director of Special Projects for Assisted Healthcare Services More hours of daylight make spring the perfect time for lifestyle changes – particularly increasing your activity levels.  When I was a kid, it meant being able to go outside and play after school. As an adult it means being able to go for…

Stay Fit at the Office – Turn Your Desk Into a Fitness Center

By: Sherry Netherland, Director of Special Projects for Assisted Healthcare Services “I don’t have time to exercise!” That’s why I don’t like to call fitness Exercise. The “E” word may turn you off, but being sedentary should be what scares you. A sedentary lifestyle will shorten your life, a fitness lifestyle will lengthen it. You…

A Fitness Program for Watching Television

By: Sherry Netherland, Director of Special Projects for Assisted Healthcare Services How many of us have been lured into purchasing a fitness device with the sales pitch, “You can do it while watching television!”? How many of us are now watching it collect dust while we are watching television, or, worse, not seeing it at…

Laugh and Live Longer

By: Sherry Netherland, Director of Special Projects for Assisted Healthcare Services Did you know that laughing can add years to your life?  A 2010 study published in Psychological Science reported that people who smile live longer.  There are many physiological benefits of laughter – Increased circulation caused by an increase in pulse rate and respiration (increasing…

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